Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rainy day blues...

Sigh...the British summer has an unsurprising alteration (not!) rain is pelting at the windows, hair and clothing efforts shrink in the sodden weather. On with wellies and raincoat and off out to get some ammunition for this droopy day! Buzzing around the kitchen is the order for the day me thinks,  some sort of cake maybe?

What do you gals do hair and clothing wise when horizontal wind and rain is about. Being a natural curly frizz and fly-aways are at abundance so headscarves are usually my saviors (that only for my hair though)! 
I would be alright with a coat like that! Lets face it who wouldn't.
Well I'm going to dive into my cookery book to see what enlightening recipe I can bring to my kitchen! Will let you know my choice in due course, bye for now.....


  1. Ooh, I'm not looking forward to this rainy weather England is infamous for, I'll be there this fall for school! Well in the Southeast US, we aren't exactly known for rain, but it does happen a lot, especially this time of year, but its just blazing hot at the same time! You're lucky to have naturally curly hair, I had to get a perm or else anytime it rained no amount of hairspray could save my vintage hairstyle! Now I just wrap my head in a silk scarf, and maybe if its really bad, add a plastic rain hood if I'll be walking outside for a bit.
    But I do wish I could find a 30s/40s/50s raincoat! The one you show in the picture here is lovely, its both functional and pretty, not frumpy like pretty much all raincoats today!
    - Emily

  2. Wow your coming here for school well you better pack your wellies! Also I hope your not going to uni here as the fees are astronomical!! Well I have to admit even though I am a natural curly i do pincurl my hair (i know im insane) but this isnt a religious cycle like other people do it as I am incredibly impatient and it still leaves frizz.

  3. Sadly, I'm the opposite - I have the straightest hair imaginable. Of course, this means that when I want glamorous 40s curls, they drop out with the tiniest bit of moisture!!

    I recommend one of those brollies that are so deep and curved they're like an igloo.

    Lovely blog by the way! Kate x