Friday, 10 June 2011

The Complete Cook by Neil Heaton.....

 (Sorry about the terrible picture I have a ancient camera)

I have recently been given a fabulous vintage recipe book (courtesy of my mothers' resilient rummaging) dating from the 1940s?? I cant wait to get stuck into it! However, first I must show you a few things that are hidden inside they are the sweetest things.....

 I found this little note written inside the front cover (To Mum with love and best wishes, Xmas 1947, Curis) how cute and talk about neat handwriting! What a fantastic name Curis; wasn't there just some great names back in the day (gosh that makes me sound ancient!). I Also found this little pamphlet slotted inside...

Sorry I couldn't get this on portrait...darn camera!
So sweet, a few coloured page and recipes on the inside.

I just love this little 'pull-out cookery booklet', it says it was presented in 'Woman' magazine in September 1959. It is 'Ruth Morgan's Best cakes, 36 sure-to-please family treats'. I must try these recipes soon, I can't wait!  As for the recipe book well it is a veritable bible must say; from Planning meals to Sweet treats.

416 pages of pure, simple domestic bliss ahhh....where do I begin? I cant wait for the first recipe trial.

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  1. Would say that the name is "Avis" rather than Curis.